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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Google Home controls lots of applications throughout my home.  The majority of these are devices that have only two states.  Either ON or OFF. A number of previous projects have made REST endpoints available to turn these devices on and… Continue Reading →

And Then There Was Light

Stop for a moment and imagine…. It’s Christmas, and my youngest had a jar filled with fairies that would wake up at night. .. obviously it’s Christmas, so there’s a certain degree of artistic licence in this first line but… Continue Reading →

The Miniature Pilot

Kubernetes(K8s) is now commonplace in most organisations.  If it’s not, then it’s definitely being looked at as an option for the near future.  There is still an air of magic around deploying to the “cluster” which takes just a simple… Continue Reading →

New Fashioned Radio

I love old fashioned things, but live in a very new fashioned world.  On a recent purge of a cluttered garage I found an old children’s radio in the shape of Mr Noisy.  This I thought was awesome but also… Continue Reading →

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable

I’m a strong believer that if you build a happy team you will be able to accomplish far greater things.  Having been part of dysfunctional teams, where the thought of a Monday morning on a Sunday night can make you… Continue Reading →

Retro Interlude

Arcade games.  The simplicity of it.  In the 1980’s developers had to squeeze every inch of technology out of the kit they had to produce any game.  Going to the arcade was cool but to own your own! Almost forty… Continue Reading →

Who is the fairest of them all….

Inspired by a number of Raspberry Pi projects already out there in the wild (oh and a very persistent eight year old), the concept was to build a magic mirror which you could ask Who is the fairest of them… Continue Reading →

So i’ve built it … where do i put it ?

I have an app and I need to put it somewhere.  So what are my options ?  A better question would be what are my requirements. Deploy when I commit code to the master branch. Notify me along the way… Continue Reading →

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